Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm still here......

Right now I am right here at the Carnarvon Seachange Apartments staying in an apartment on my way home (bit over 600km in the car tomorrow) from a trip to Perth (1600km from home). I drove down 10 days ago to get my car fixed, catch up with some friends, do some Christmas shopping, see my running coach and do some activities with Mr 3 and Mr 8.
I visited my friends at The Running Centre and picked up these shoes for my longer runs that commence very soon. These shoes provide a little more support to my feet compared with the Saucony Kinvara 3 that I posted about the other week. I will still use the Kinvara's for my short sharp interval and tempo runs. I had the chance in Perth to attend two of my coaches run sessions at an oval in North Perth. One session was an interval run and the other was a threshold run. I was VERY impressed with both of my runs but especially the threshold run where I PB'd a pace of 4.53 mins per km!
We made quite a few visits to this beautiful beach in Cottesloe while we were in Perth. Both Mr 3 and Mr 8 ar fish in the pool, but had not had many swims at the beach until now. Both but especially Mr 8 were old hats at beach swimming - diving under waves and swimming just like they would if they were at the pool!!!! (Photo Source). It's time to put my boys to bed! They are both very excited - Mr B has picked his mum up at the airport at home tonight and the boys are very excited to see Nanna. I'll post some more updates about my love of 'running' really soon xx

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