Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best Training session since surgery

Today it is exactly 4 weeks post op. - I am truly amazed and really think listening to the people who know best and maintaining a positive attitude with a never say die attitude has really helped the recovery.

This morning for pre breakfast cardio I -

  • Ran on the treadmill at 8 km/h for 15 minutes
  • Jumped on the cross trainer for 15 minutes at level 4 maintaining 70-80 rpm
  • Rode the bike for 15 minutes at level 3 maintaining 85-95 rpm
Knee felt strong, stable and felt like it was tracking really straight. No swelling and no pain at all. Trained triceps and biceps today - which included mountain climbers. Before i started i did a bit of pep talking to myself and said if it hurts I must stop, but try and see what happens. Well it did not hurt, but my abs and butt did!!!!

This afternoon for my second session of cardio i got back on the treadmill with the plan to do 15 minutes of running at 8 km/h again - but got carried away with my music and realised i had run for 30 minutes instead. I must have really been in another world.

Tucker (my three year) old and I have started riding to the park in the afternoons for a run around together - he is only just fitting in the baby seat on the back of my bike ( so not only do I have gears for resistance but also a 19 kg dead weight in the seat). It is a really special time we have together - he loves it, I love it and it is also good for my knee to be doing the cycling. 

Low carb. fuzzy brain syndrome is setting in - went to the post office on Monday to post a posing dvd to Jo Rogers and realised when I got there with the dvd and had written her name on the envelope that I did not have her mailing address - phone call later and a re visit back later got the dvd off on the way to her. 

Have a hair appointment on Friday - have reasonably short hair, but am thinking of getting extensions for the comp. - bit undecided right now, but have 10 weeks to think about it. 

Am trying to spend minimum of 10 minutes each day in my posing shoes - I live in runners and flat shoes for 99.9% of the time so need to put in the work. Certainly do not want to have the tottery look on stage. 

It is 9.17 pm - yes close to my bed time. Got one last meal to have so off I go and put some more fuel in the tank for overnight.

Thanks for the vibes and positive comments.

Maryanne xx

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