Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.... and I can now ride the bike

...... Yeah!!!!!! I have visited my physiotherapist this morning and she has said i can start to ride the bike, little to no resistance, but at least i can do it.

The only swelling around my knee now seems to be the scar tissue....... it looks so much better than before surgery..... how I ever thought i might be able to compete when it looked like it did!

My husband has gone away to Perth for work for the rest of the week today so now i play a juggling game with my three year old Tucker. I have a fantastic part time Nanny who will come and look after Tucker at any time so i think she will be here quite a bit this week, and the weeks to come up until the comp. 

Have made more contact with Jo Rogers from Style on Stage regarding my routine, poses, bikini shoes etc. so i am sure she will be in touch soon..... poor lady she is so busy with all of us figure and fitness girls. 

Better go. I am going to hit the kitchen and prepare all my food for the week - i am not sure about others but i find it so much easier when meals only need heating rather than preparing from scratch during the week.

Maryanne x

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