Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Not in the plan"

well....... the latest news is that a week ago i had key hole knee surgery in Perth. I was in a no win situation... not have surgery and have a leg and knee that looked very abnormal, or have the surgery and hope that the recovery is quick and continue along my path to October.

I got home from Perth two days ago and so far so good. Of course lower body work is limited to walking for 20 minutes morning and night on the treadmill, however i can still smash my upper body.

Diet has really been scaled back because of my change in physical activity. Yes I am hungry, but hey, that's my choice and i am okay with that........ for now anyway.   

I see my Physiotherapist next week and hopefully the cardio will be able to expand to include the bike. 

I could have taken the easy road and said oh well this has happened i had better give October a miss but........ the fighting spirit came out and i decided i would give it my best shot. According to clothes i am already smaller than when i competed in October 2006....... so am staying positive and focusing on all the good things.

Will try and post some pics soon.

..... "there is no easy way to any place worth going to"


nes said...

Hi Maryanne,
Wishing you a speedy recovery. I'm glad you are still going ahead with October as I'm looking forward to cheering you on.

Sam D-M said...

Hi Maryanne,

Love your fighting spirit :)

Hope you recover well and hope to see you up there in October!