Thursday, July 10, 2008

October 06 and June 2008

Thought i would add a picture of conditioning from my first competition and a picture taken at the end of last month. Competition tan does amazing things........ I think i am not that far off right now. My main aims of this competition is to:

1. Come in much leaner than before
2. Have spent plenty of time practising the poses.... to iron out as many faults/ flaws as possible
3. Know the right feel for the poses
4. maintain as much lean muscle mass as possible
5. have a polished routine, that i know like the back of my hand
6. enjoy the journey.... it is an amazing ride and i am loving it.
7. stay in good positive head space and listen to my body 
8. ...... probably the second most important....... to be confident and own that stage!!!! (yeah bold statement i know)
9. ..... the most important (for me anyway) is to compare myself to me myself and I only........ I am not going to compare myself to anyone else..... its my journey i am looking at.

Maryanne x

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Raechelle said...

Hi there; Thanks for stopping by! I used to live in Exmouth...was even there for Cyclone Vance-were you living in Karatha at that time?

Welcome to blog land and good luck with your comp! You'll find blogging quite fun and there are a number of gals competing in October so we are all going through similar feelings at the same time.
Of course, you're already a pro since you've done it before, hehe-may be able to give us newbies some advice!