Friday, July 25, 2008

.... and today was even better

Today I had my third visit to the physiotherapist and yes it is all good news. I have been a little concerned about my left leg not been able to lock out or straighten completely. Well today at Physio, I managed to get it the straightest it has been. 

We have now added 1/4 squats on the fitball against the wall, and 1/4 stationary lunges. When i went in to do cardio tonight I gave both of them a go ...... like everything else so far i managed to perform these without any difficulty or pain. 

Compared to two days ago I can really start to see a difference in the muscularity of my VMO. It had really been in a deep sleep since way before surgery, and it is starting to re-emerge from its hiding hole.

When you use the power of a strong mind it is amazing what you can achieve. Only a few days ago I had a flat moment where I was really frustrated and felt like i was not progressing with the rehab. Once i busted through this black cloud i realised that things were actually great. I have a repaired knee, and I am really grateful for all my opportunities in life, there are many people out there with far worse conditions than myself, which a simple operation will not cure.

I still have 11 strong weeks before my competition, my knee is functioning very very well considering this time 3 weeks ago I was hobbling around in severe pain. If i have come this far in 3 weeks, imagine what progress will have happened in another three weeks.

Am really tired tonight. Having an early early night.

Maryanne x


LizN said...

Sending vibes for more healing. I love my physio but I don't like seeing her.

Liz N

MISS TANK said...

Arent you a ray of golden sunshine!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and YES we will be FINE!!! You are going to be on FIRE - your recovery seems to be coming along beautifully!!! AWESOME work!!! Will be watching closely :)

Maryanne said...

Thanks Liz and Miss Tank - no i do not really enjoy the pain my physio puts me through either but i know she has the best intentions. Will keep you posted of the progress and journey.

M. x