Monday, June 22, 2009

Home Time.....

Well today is my first home day - mind you I did dose up on pain killers and drive myself to physio - it almost seems silly - I take pain killers to get to an appointment to reduce the pain. I am going to have to think about what I do here! 

This morning sitting on a seat I tidied the linen cupboard. For too long now things have just been dumped where they fitted. Now it is really organised. For Tuckers linen I have put each set inside the pillow case - for example his tractor quilt cover and the matching sheets are folded up inside the tractor pillow case - makes it much easier when changing linen sets!

Today is Tuckers occasional care today - a friend came and collected him at 8.15 and she is going to pick him up, take him to her place for a play and then bring him back at around 2.00. he enjoys playing with her daughter Amber so I am sure they will have lots of fun!

I am off to have a sleep now - will blog again soon Just really wish I could post that all is great and the pain has gone!


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