Thursday, June 4, 2009

An interesting 24 hours!

Soon after I posted this post yesterday I heard an urgent call for mummy from a 4 year old - when I got there he had vomited everywhere! The vomiting lasted for approximately 4 hours - by which point he was exhausted and so was I! I think we were lucky it only went for this long! I was up and down to him all night - he kept asking for water - I was reluctant to give him too much at a time! By the time we reached morning he was starving hungry - we started very gradually with food. A very quiet morning was had by all - by lunch time he was back to about 90%. Tucker has never had gastro before - it can start and stop so quickly. I am just really glad he is okay now. 

Now on to some good news!!!!

Today I saw the specialist and it was good news! I do not need an operation, and it is nothing major! He believes the pain is coming from all the tension been placed on my ligaments. It may disappear or this pain may stay with me for the rest of the pregnancy! I am going to need to take every day as it comes - some days will be great like yesterday and some days will be painful like today!

All the pieces are here now for our new study book shelves so Mike will be working on those on the weekend. This will free up the room for our new arrival. I am looking forward to getting this ready. I was going to leave all the washing until much later but as a just in case I am going to start to do it next week. 

I have to find another place for us to stay when we are in Perth for the birth because the place where we were going to stay has been sold! DAMN!!! Never mind I am sure we will find another place just as nice!

Tucker is in bed already - asked to go to bed at 6.45 pm. I am heading to the couch to watch some TV and relax! 

Looking forward to coffee with a friend tomorrow morning - am going to wear my new maternity jeans and shirt from "Soon Melbourne". xxx

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