Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you everyone.......

Just 5 minutes ago, while laying on the bed  feeling pretty awful I wondered what I was going to prepare for dinner......... There was a knock at the door and if it was not for a nosy 4 year old I might have ignored it (rude I know but when you feel sick a visitor is the last person you really want to see). When I opened the door it was a dear friend Jo - who was delivering lasagne and garlic bread for our dinner.

I am so grateful to everyone right now who is really lending a hand during this challenging time. People are helping with washing, cooking meals, picking Tucker up from school, taking Tucker for a play at the park so I can have a sleep, phone calls, text messages, and friends in Perth are going to have Tucker for me while I see the specialist on Monday morning. How am I ever going to say thank you! As I have said in an earlier post I would much rather be helping someone than having to be the one who needs help. I have always been such an independent person and unfortunately right now this is not entirely possible. 

I called school around 2 hours after I left my distressed little man in the arms of the teacher - he was fine, playing with his friends and the crying had stopped. Tucker is going to now miss one or possibly two days of school next week, but when we get back we are going to try and do a very quick drop off and see if this helps. 

I can not remember if I said the place where we were going to stay when we have the baby had been sold so was no longer available! I have now found a new place which is managed by the owners ( and will not be going on the market), is a little bigger with more room than the other place, has a back yard for Tucker to play in and is closer to the hospital - very happy that this is now sorted. 

My time must be up for sitting in the chair - the pain is creeping back. xxx

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