Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pain Diagnosis!!!

Hi all, 

we have arrived home from Perth today. I went down on Sunday night with my husband Mike and Tucker. On Monday I saw my Obstetrician - everything was really good concerning the baby - which was the best news. However the pain was still happening - he was pretty certain it was something to do with the ligaments in my Pelvis, but recommended I see a pregnancy specialised physiotherapist and see what she thought.

I visited this physiotherapist yesterday - and I have been diagnosed as having a condition called "Pubis Symphysis Dysfunction" (a huge thank you to Nicole Weir and Julie at Nicole Weir Physiotherapy in Sorrento). The two halves of the pelvis are held together by a joint called the "Pubis Symphysis" and a dense network of ligaments. In my case this joint is very inflamed and so are all the ligaments. The pain is possibly going to get worse before the pregnancy is over because as the baby gets heavier he will place more pressure on this joint! What do I do about it?
  • I wear a brace for 90% of the time. It wraps around from my back and does up just above my pubis bone - it basically does on the outside what is not happening on the inside (and is very unattractive)
  • I have to avoid too much movement - including walking
  • I have to take lots of rest periods 
  • I do not carry any weight in my hands (no shopping bags, washing etc)
  • I sleep with a pillow between my legs to try and keep the pelvis aligned (harder than you think)
  • I must not do anything on one leg - both legs need to do everything together eg no stepping one foot in to the car and then getting body and other leg in, I have to sit on seat and then swivel around, also getting dressed - need to do it sitting down, 
  • I will have regular physiotherapy appointments between now and when the little man arrives
  • No vacuuming, sweeping or mopping floors
  • where possible I need to cook, iron etc while sitting down
  • May need to use crutches towards the end to take some of the weight out of my pelvis and through my arms. 
  • Maintain a very quiet lifestyle for the next 12 weeks
I am glad to now know what is happening and where all the pain is coming from, but very disappointed that I need to be so quiet. I have gone from been able to train hard and heavy and really love it, to the point where I struggle to walk for 200m!!! I am going to be even more passionate about maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle after this is all over. 

I am focusing on my mental state as much as dealing with the pain of the condition. I feel very frustrated and disappointed - I know it could be a lot worse, but what I am dealing with is bad enough for me.

Apologies for a gloomy post, looks like I am going to have to get over my reluctance to ask people for help. 


PS on a little brighter side Mike and I did go and have a look at a beautiful new car in Perth while we were there. Will keep you posted. 


Shar said...

Sorry to hear that Maryanne, good that the baby is all good though.

Rest up, shar x

jodie said...

Hi Maryanne
I suffered from something similar, it was not much fun but the bright side for me as soon I had baby (4 weeks ago now!) it has disappeared. It threw all my plans out for exercising while pregnant, except for water aerobics and swimming. Take care

Anonymous said...

WOW MA! Spose it's good to know what the hell was causing the pain! and DOUBLE wow from going to 100 miles and hour to zilch! I'm sure you will recover brilliantly after bubs arrives....sending you smiles xx