Saturday, August 2, 2008

Physio on Thursday........

Had physiotherapy appointment again on Thursday........ well i walked into my appointment and danced out!!!!! Why did I dance out ......... because............

I can train legs

In case you did  not realise this is a favourite body part and due to knee surgery four weeks ago (15 weeks out from competition) I have had to lay off the leg training. After the physiotherapist looked at my knee and looked at my flexion and extension she said there is no reason why I can not start to add in light resistance leg exercises. I cant wait for Monday to come around now so I can do a leg session - of course i am going to need to cautious and not go gun hoe into the workout and then damage something. Plyo moves need to wait a few more weeks but as for the rest - look out here i come. 

I did a spin class on Friday morning and in 5 out of the 7 tracks i reached 84% max heart rate - it goes to show that even with limited dial but good speed with control that you can still work really hard. The spinning has really helped my knee. I am going to continue to try and do one class a week.

Clothes are starting to feel a little baggy - especially around my bum - bring it on. Some things have had to be put away as they just look far too big.

Diet (in my opinion the most important bit) is coming together really well. Water intake is up around the 5 litre a day mark so yes lots of toilet stops, but it does mean I don't feel empty or hungry. 

Entry forms for the comp. arrived this week - I was planning on only doing IFBB, but have now decided I will be there and ready I might as well do the INBA show in the morning as well. I am actually starting to feel really excited about the whole thing approaching. 

From the 1o th August for 5 days may be my most challenging period coming up. Mike my husband has to travel to Japan for work for 5 days - so no ability to go to the gym for am cardio - Treadmill at home will get a good workout that week. I am going to do lots of preparation so I avoid the.......

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail

I better go and peg some more washing on the line - it is a shame daily tasks don't take care of themselves when you are preparing for comp. - wish we had the house like on the RAC insurance add where everything gets done on its own....... no magic fairies in my house unfortunately. The magic fairy is ME!

Maryanne x

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