Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My time In Queensland.............

.... Did I type something along the line of saying how much time I would have when I got to Queensland..... well what I predicted was very "WRONG" ...... oops.

I thought I would post alot while I was here but I forgot to take into consideration that I was what not in my own environment and that unlike Karratha it takes longer than 5 minutes to get places here.....

I have been running around like a chook with her head chopped off... LOL. Cardio sessions, eating, weights sessions, cooking, eating, sleeping, driving in the car, posing sessions with Jo, shopping, and sleeping - GO FIGURE!!!!!!!

I also made a trip to South Eastern Brisbane to see my eldest brother Andrew and his wife Eileen. I have two Siberian Husky's and my brother has the son of one of my dogs so it was great to see the four legged friends too.

Training is great, diet is going well and I am seeing really marked improvements in my posing and routine. While I was with Jo yesterday I looked at some bikini styles and have combined a few different aspects of bikinis into my design. I can not wait to see it when it is done.

Today I trained cardio at 6 am and then I took Tucker to Dreamworld - he had such a great time. I will post some pics once I get back to Karratha in the middle of October. Followed this up with another cardio session tonight - HAD to puty my ipod on the block out the grunting noise from the man trying to run on the treadmill next to me..... very distracting.

EXCITING NEWS: today i received the email link for the first of my photos from my photo shoot the other day........ OMG - it was one of those moments when you look twice to see if that really is you.

I had better go - I am planning an early night, I need to add some zzzz tonight. Maryanne tired = Maryanne with a short fuse - not pretty. LOL

Good night. xxx

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