Friday, September 12, 2008

.......and now I feel even better

yes, I listened to my body - its amazing how good it feels when you actually listen and do as it is telling you.

I went to bed and slept for 90 minutes - it was bliss. Took a bit to wake up, but now I am awake I feel fantastic. Now i will not look like death warmed up for my presentation tomorrow.

Yes presentation - I am presenting my routine at the GF launch - and I'm excited. Had a dark spray tan today and all i can say is wow!!!!! Tan does awesome things. Will post some pics tomorrow.

Right now I am heading to collect my gorgeous boy from Family Day Care and taking him to the shops to buy him a couple of new T shirts - he is having another growth spurt. I think I am in the breeding program for tall America basketball players.......... he is only three but wearing size 5 so he does not have a bare midriff!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the day. xxx 

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Andrea said...

Hi maryanne,
I just found your blog via Katie's. Sounds like you are going really well. You are right about the tan making you feel amazing. Good luck for the routine presentation tomorrow.