Friday, September 12, 2008

Its all about honesty around here.....

I am glad its FRIDAY - I am really tired today. I am going to try soon to drag this body out of the chair and down to the gym for chest and arms workout............ the dark horse is right in my line of sight today.

Phone is going off the hook at lunch time for a big catch up sleep.

Have a good day everyone. xxx


Anonymous said...

Honesty is always the best policy Maryanne. Get some solid sleep this afternoon so you can recharge your batteries ready for tomorrow's performance. You don't want to look like death warmed up do you? LOL! ;o) xxx

Sam D-M said...

Hi Maryanne, keep plugging away! look forward to seeing you on that stage very soon :)

Maryanne said...

Thanks Lia - batteries will be on charge at lunch time. Want to look my BEST tomorrow.

Looking forward to stepping on that stage Sam - will keep plugging away.