Thursday, September 11, 2008

4 weeks and 2 days to go........ I'm excited

I can't believe a week and a half has passed since I posted last...... what have I been up to......

Sleep (mind you not so well)
Routine practice
Posing practice........

I am sure you all know the feeling. All of the above take up plenty of time - but i love every single moment of it.

I am now 4 weeks and 2 days out from competition - I am really pleased with how I am looking and the changes I am seeing are a great motivator.

I have been getting some great feedback from people i know in the gym as well as complete strangers. LOL.

Mike was away for work at the start of the week for work - but i had my very trusted baby sitter on hand to look after Tucker so training was not affected.

Knee has been giving me a bit of grief - when I am at home I have been sitting with it up with ice on. This morning I had another appointment with the physio - felt better after she treated it.

On the 24th September my journey towards the comp starts. I am flying to QLD for 10 days - including a visit to see the ANB show, and time with Jo Rogers, then on the 4th October to Perth, where I will stay until after my show. 

We have our group fitness launch at the gym on the weekend. Grand Final theme - every Grand final has entertainment - you guessed it - that's me - I am going o present my 60 sec routine. Good chance to tan up and see how I am looking.......... feel a bit nervous doing the routine in front of people I work with and know - bit silly really.

Its time for the knee to go up in the air with some more ice, and nearly time for another meal. Hope everyone is feeling great with spring sunshine brightening your day. xxx

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