Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Head Space

When I took the journey towards the stage and competed for the first time in 2006, I can confidently say I was not in a good head space, and it had a HUGE impact on the journey, the end result and the after effects.

This time around I am reaping the benefits of focusing on the mental training as well as the physical training. It is the mental side which no one sees, but they do see, if that makes sense. No it has not been easy, and yes I have had days where I really wondered where I was and what i was doing........ anyone else feel familiar with this???

For a long time, I spent a lot of wasted time on nervous and anxious energy, and seemed to lose days and not really know what I had done with my time. I have been making a real effort to ensure I work on some of the non- training and dieting goals. Some of these include:

# making time to sit and relax every day - this is a whole new thing for me. I would run around doing things all day every day, and then wonder why I was exhausted.
# make sure I get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night
# prioritise tasks in a day - if not important and it did not get done it does not matter
# make sure I gave myself time during the day, so then I could give time to my family at the end of the day

I am seeing many benefits of doing what may seem like really small changes, but doing these things and remembering to do these things is really hard work. 

The time I am giving to myself is meaning I am not getting exhausted like I used to, and  I am finding new levels of self control which I did not even know existed in my world. I feel much more stable as a take this exciting journey towards my next competition. 

This morning I trained shoulders. I think I can say they are a reasonably strong body part of mine. I really liked what I saw - it is a huge motivating factor to keep doing what i am doing right now - because I have changed and the road I am now is leading me to a new place, rather than staying on the road I was on and still thinking I would end up in a different location. 

If we were speaking in Craig Harper words today - i can confidently say I have left my block sided pigeon hole. See Craig's post today and you will know what I mean. Its not scary to leave a pigeon hole, but it is scary thinking about it. Your the only one who can exit that square box - try it the benefits are amazing. xxx

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