Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have arrived....

Last night I arrived into Brisbane after spending around 7 hours on an aeroplane with a three year old while dieting - quite a challenge.

This morning i headed off for my first Queensland workout - had a good session, and found everything okay in the gym I have joined here. I headed in again tonight for my second cardio. I think I might have been night time entertainment - people seemed to be constantly walking past me. LOL

What else did i get up to today in the sunshine state:

I went shopping and bought a couple of outfits from Lorna Jane. The girls were so helpful. I then was so excited when Liz responded to my message and came across and met me in Lorna Jane - Liz - it was great to see you - looking forward to her smashing me in RPM High Performance on saturday morning.

Next i was pampered at the Napoleon Perdis stand and had my face done for my photo shoot.......yes a photo shoot with the most amazing "Dallas Olsen" I arrived there so NERVOUS but that soon disappeared when i saw the first few pics he had taken. We spent two and a half hours together. Lindy joined us too - it was great to have some photos with her as well. It really made my day - I could not believe it was me on the view finder!!!! Later in the day tears came to my eyes as it felt so surreal. Thankyou to Dallas and Lindy for an awesoem time.

You might now be thinking that that was enough for day one - NO WAY!!!!

My next stop was to go and see "Jo Rogers" - we spent around an hour and a half on my posing - Jo will be dreaming "relax your traps" tonight. By the time I left my first session with her I really think we had made a good start.

In between all of that I ate, remembered to breathe, spent some time with the people I am staying with and had some beautiful cuddles with my gorgeous Tucker.

Its 9.30 pm so time for me to log off and get some sleep. My body clock is still on WA time - but it is slowly adjusting.

Good night and sweet dreams. xxx


Kek said...

Your hard work's all paying off - can't wait to see some of your photos...

All the best for your comp.

Lindy Olsen said...

you should see them, she just looks incredible and what's even better is that Maryanne is such a nice girl and sets a real example when asked to hold poses etc. It's hard work doing a professional photoshoot, but you usually find that if a photographer goes over the allocated time, he likes shooting with you so thats exactly what happened wih Maryanne! The shoot lasted 2.5 hours even though we scheduled an hour! I wish all clients were as lovely as you Maryanne! Dallas Olsen Photography Good luck for your show!

Michelle said...

Sounds like your having a great time!

Enjoy RPM.