Tuesday, October 4, 2011


...... this was the name of the class I did at the gym today. 20 mins of boxing, 20 mins on the bike (4 tracks) and then a run to finish.

I did this class two weeks ago - I had to have a couple of catch my breath moments during the boxing, I got cramp and barely sweated in the cycle component and only managed to run 25% of the running leg.

Today....... i didn't pause once in the boxing, I added lots more dial and that = lots more sweat and hard work in the cycle leg and I ran the WHOLE way. I was so chuffed! What an awesome fitness improvement! That was even following 2 exercises supersetted for 3 sets and then a different two exercises supersetted for 3 sets in the gym!

It is hard to put exactly into words right now - but i am in LOVE! In LOVE with how this is all coming together after only 1 WEEK!!!!

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