Monday, October 17, 2011

My weekend!

I posted earlier today about how I had an awesome weekend and that I would be back to tell you more about it later..... well here I am!

Why was it good........

1. I had my husband home - he had been away for the past two weekends overseas with work
2. I only did two workouts - two walks at the beach with my three boys (not that I don't like training, but it was nice taking a step back)
3. Our pool water is now a nice enough temperature so we were in and out of the pool approx 3 times each day
4. I cooked with my eldest son - he quite enjoys time in the kitchen with me
5. I spent time on the couch working on my cross stitch - this is what I am stitching and she is 80% finished

6. We watched a couple of movies - including one from the 1950's 'The old man and his boat'
7. We didn't drive to karratha (a 100km round trip) - a trip we make nearly every weekend and during the week as well
8. We helped our very excited nearly Master 7 deliver his party invites
9. And i am sure there are many other things that don't spring to mind right now.

You may see that there is a pattern amongst all of these items and they revolved around FAMILY! I think far too often we forget to appreciate those simple things in life. I appreciated all the simple things in life on my weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it!

On another note...... tonight my knee is VERY unhappy! As you might see at the side this morning it felt good so I took a run, and tonight I am paying the price! It's REALLY sore. I visited my physio today who taped my knee and it doesnt look dissimilar to this (just heavier taping)....

My knee feels very supported in this state, and feels like it is functioning as a 'knee' should - this thought scares me slightly (wish it was the insides providing this support and not sports tape on the outside). On a lighter note though I need to be grateful that i still have a leg and that I can still function as an able bodied person - Im sue there would be some one somewhere MUCH worse off than me!

Have a great night! xx

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