Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sports Shoes

I have just admitted and come out of the closet about my love of sports shoes over at Last Chance Training!!!!!!!

I currently rotate through approx 8, yes i said 8 pairs of shoes. Each pair has a 'specific' purpose, and I wear some shoes for some workout and a different pair for another session. I generally always wear Nike Free when I am on a cross trainer - I like the movement I have through my feet and toes when I am on that machine. In comparison I wear w=either Brooks Trance or Asics Kayano for a wights workout!

If I am running it is generally the Brooks Trance!

I also wear orthotics and these are put in all my different shoes. My knees tell me in no uncertain terms if I have trained without my orthotics!

there is currently a ban on me bringing any more sports shoes into this house!!!!



Liz N said...

I think I need to adopt this habit :) Love it!

Magda said...

Hi MA, I'm impressed by your sports shoe collection. When I weight train upper body at home (I never go to the gym) I wear my crocs or go barefooted when my feet get hot. The epitome of style ... NOT. LOL

Maryanne said...

I love it too Liz and it seems to work!

Magda..... I love your workout shoe options. The benefits of training at home where you set the 'rules'


Shar said...

But I cannot reveal the amount of training shoes I have as its a bit excessive :o

shar x

Jeff Hardy said...

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Shenzore Wildes said...

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