Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nature right on our door step

Approx. a week ago my nearly Mr 7 came running inside to tell me he had found 2 birds eggs on top of our clothes line. I went back out with and explained that we needed to not touch them(he hadn't touched but you never know what they might be thinking) and then said we will watch the eggs each day and see what happens.

He has watched these eggs for 5 days straight and then forgot yesterday when he got home from school. Tp his delight when he went outside this afternoon to have a look he found no other than two baby birds in the nest! he was VERY excited! We then had to have a new 'chat' about leaving the birds just where they were and we can 'watch' and see what happens!

This is nature right before our very eyes! I just hope we don't have to explain the whole life cycle if something happens (mind you he has had a few experiences with a whole life cycle with the death of my two parents in the last two years - I can't say he fully understands but he has the basics)

Tomorrow we are going to do have a trip to the skate park, take rubbish to the tip and go to the Community Street Party in Karratha (i think Thirsty Merc are playing)


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