Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time with friends

Today I invited friends over for a swim! They arrived late afternoon with a bottle of champagne - normally I would not have had a drink because I was prepping for a competition and before that I had little babies to get up to in the night and the combo didn't work!

Well I had none of those factors to worry about so I enjoyed a glass with my friends. The afternoon swim dragged on and they ended up staying for dinner - we made home made pizza's on wraps and I ate those too and thoroughly enjoyed them, I even indulged in some cake for dessert!

Why am I blogging about this you may ask - it all sounds pretty normal?

This was initially tricky for me - the wine, the pizza and dessert (when I had already had some cake at the coffee shop with my boys earlier today) - I would normally have watched everyone else have this and eat my pre prepared meal! Today I did what most people would do when friends come over - I enjoyed myself. In fact I realise now I was very anti social in comp prep because I found it all too hard, but I recognise now that I missed those social occasions like I had today! No, I would not want to indulge or eat like this every day but today I did enjoy myself and I am not giving myself a huge punishing talk about 'bad choices'

Yes I will have a run on the treadmill tomorrow because I will feel better of I do, but its not a guilt workout like it might have been in the past!

I see that what I did tonight is normal' life' behaviour and that what I am enjoying about this journey I am now on!

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