Friday, October 21, 2011


Following on from Shar's lead I am going to tell you about some of my favourites

Favourite Workout - Outdoor running

Favourite Food - Roast chicken and lollies

Favourite Clothing - European Fashion, closely followed by lululemon gym gear, + gym shoes!

Favourite Day - like Shar - Saturdays and Sunday because we are all together

Favourite Month - this was a hard one for me - I need to pick December too because it is also the month of my wedding anniversary! I also love January, JUly, August and October because that is where our birthdays fall!

Favourite Place - Tasmania - its where I was born, its where my parents are buried and I am proud to say its a beautiful state!

Favourite Colour - Pink!!!

PS............ My current knee situation is not allowing me to add ay more miles to my dailymile widget on the side - am finding this VERY frustrating! To Perth on MOnday for the tell all scan!

1 comment:

Shar said...

Ohhhh I love pink too, was a close call between Yellow and pink.
Good luck with the scan. x