Monday, August 25, 2008

6 weeks and 5 days to go.........

........ and counting. Feeling pretty good - would have to say a bit tired, and at times not the nicest person to be around! I am writing everything down because memory at times is like a bucket with holes in the bottom, in the top and straight out the bottom!!!!!!!

Training is going really well - had plyo's in my leg training today - knee was great! Mind you took it pretty steady as it is not the time to be hurting myself again. Doing two cardio sessions a day now 6 days a week - don't mind the cardio as long as I have my ipod on listening to my music. 

Eating is good too - am really into the swing of it now....... avoid using the word diet as I feel it implies a short term fix...... never again will I weigh 95 kg!!!!!!! have had a little hurdel to get over though as our cooking gas suddenly ran out last night. Cooking today has taken on a whole new meaning.

My whole life at the moment revolves around sleep, eating, training, cardio and rest. So if Tucker is invited for a play date at a friends house it is planned around these things. My friends are been really supportive of this which is great...... thank you. 

Visited Craig Harpers site today - very bog light bulb moment. The biggest thing that really hit home was 

"we know what to do, but we don't do what we know"

This really got me thinking......... maybe it will get you thinking too. xxx

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MISS TANK said...

AWESOME to hear you are over the lurgy and back in to the swing of things!!!! YAY

Keep it up baby! not long now!