Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time for me......

I am here sitting in my study on the computer and suddenly thought "oh no it's 2 pm and what have I done today". When I actually thought about it I realised I had done many things, and most of them were for me........ 

Treadmill workout at 6.30 am
Cooked meals for the day
Watched some of the Olympic coverage
Had a sleep
Flipped through a magazine
Time cruising around the internet
Spent time with Tucker

This is a little unusual for me - I am usually rushing through all my own things so I have enough time for everyone else. Well I have just realised at nearly 2 o'clock that I have not done that today. 

I actually feel really good. Must try this approach more often. 

Maryanne xxx


Shar said...

HEy Maryanne

Left you a reply in the forum but though tyou may get it qiucker here.

Where are you staying when you come down for comp?

Are you competing with the IFBB?

Shar x

Anonymous said...

See being selfish isn't such a bad thing now is it Maryanne. It has is benefit's. ;o) xxx

Maryanne said...

Shar - I am doing both comps INBA and IFBB. We will be able to rock that stage together.
We usually rent an apartment in South Perth by the river - so think we will do the same.
My husband will be with me but think it will be easier to go to same person as you to do tan. xxx

Lia - yes it does have its benefits. Not a bad thing at all. xxx