Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Little man......

Today was what we call Fenacl in Karratha (the letters are the chemical symbols for iron ore, salt and gas - all the things mined and shipped from this town in WA). It is equal to the Royal show - just on small town scale.

Tucker is a little reserved when it comes to rides - even the children's ones so a trip to the show is often and cheap outing at the moment (not that i would mind if he did want to have a ride on something). Added to the no expense of rides, he is not keen on doughnuts, hot chips, dagwood dogs, fairy floss or any of the other high calorie, fat and sugar laden snacks sold at places like that. he must be following in mums foot steps with the food and the rides - I hated them when I was little too (not even keen on them now). 

He had the most enjoyment from sitting on the little motor bikes, and quad bikes - I can see down the track that one of these might be parked in our garage with his name on it! I love the expressions on his face. 

Looking at these pictures I can not believe my baby will be 4 in October. Both my husband and I are tall but wow - Tucker seems to be having some huge growth spurts at the moment - The flip flops he has on in the picture are size 13 - 1 - yes he has rather big feet and long legs because size 4 jeans are nearly too short! 

He is the joy of both my husbands and my life! We love you lots and lots Tucker.

Maryanne X

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