Monday, August 11, 2008

Not in the plan #2...............

Think someone is working hard to challenge me in this competition preparation...... had a dose of gastro for 12 hours from yesterday afternoon. Like my knee .... not really in the plan!

Felt bit flat, but still went in and trained legs this morning (see below), and did cardio at 7 am. Muscles looked bit flat, but since mid morning have had two good protein meals that have stayed in, and already look a bit better...... was a bit concerned there for a couple of hours this morning.

Mike called from Singapore last night at around 9 pm. he had had a good flight and was waiting for his connecting flight to Tokyo. Normally when he is away he talks to me every day, but on this trip because they are squeezing so much into a short period of time, he is not sure when we will be able to chat - I miss him heaps. 

This morning when I trained legs I added weight - just light. I could feel my knee working and by the time i had done the 4 sets, it was fatigued but not painful. Ran for 15 minutes on the treadmill in cardio at 7 am at 10 km/h - felt great.

Tucker has been at occasional care this morning for 4 hours - he always has such a great time. Today he did the most beautiful painting. I think we might have it framed and put it up on the wall.

House work is done, ironing at the ironing ladies, meals prepared...... I think this means I can go and sit down and relax.

Maryanne xxx


Shar said...

HI Maryanne,
I am style on stage rep for WA so if you wqnt to try any sizes on etc and you are in Perth?? anytime, give me a shout.
Shar x

Maryanne said...

Thanks Shar,

sent pics to Jo in the suit I competed in last time - I think she is going to base new suit on these pics but will keep this in mind.

Maryanne x

Tara said...

glad to hear that your knee is coping with the added weight and training. Hope that you have recovered from your tummy bug now.

Tara xx