Thursday, August 7, 2008

The art of creativity!

As most of you realise I am preparing for the WA  INBA and IFBB state titles, however 15 weeks out, after many physiotherapy sessions, my physio and I realised that surgery was going to be the only answer for my knee. So 14 1/2 weeks out from competition I took the chance that the competitions were still going to be in arms reach and had the key hole surgery. I resumed upper body weight sessions 3 days after surgery and returned to the bike 7 days post op. I am now 5 weeks post op. and can walk, run, ride, cross train, all with a reasonable degree of speed/ resistance. 

I am now operating at around 98% of my max. speeds and levels, but I wanted to make sure that even though I was not quite up to 100% speed / level on the cardio, that I was burning as much as I could so I invested in a X-VEST to add an indirect level of resistance to my training sessions. At the time when I made the order I wondered if it might be a waste of money but was willing to give it a go.

What's an X-VEST you may ask......... 

Its a padded vest that has 16 pockets which each take a 1/2 kilogram plate. The vest comes with 8 1/2 kilo plates and these are currently all in my vest. the vest itself weighs 1 kg so all together when I put it on I have an additional 5 kg. 

On Tuesday night I had a little test run - walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill - legs really felt it - I thought wow - 10 minutes is good what is a whole workout going to be like. By the way - knee was cool with the extra weight!

Yesterday morning I wore it for my entire 50 minute cardio session - I'm glad I just wore a crop underneath because by the time I was finished I was drenched. While I have it on I don't really seem to feel the weight as such but I do really notice that I am working at a much higher intensity. 

I really feel like this has enabled me to progress my training intensity while not over stressing a knee which was only operated on 5 weeks ago.

5 weeks ago I really thought my chances of stepping on stage were over for 2008! But look out I am firing on all cylinders and am ready to blast away the last 9 weeks before competition. Thanks to my sheer determination, a positive never say die attitude,  and a bit of creative thinking about my training sessions I am ready to bring out the best and show people just what MA is made of!!!!!! 

Big thanks go to Latisha Wilder, Jen Hendershott, Lishia Dean and all the gang at

Better go - got to cook food, organise Tucker, feed dogs, have shower and be at work ready to smash my PT clients in 1 hour!!!! PS hope their ready for big workouts tonight!!!!

Maryanne xxx

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