Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My head says......

This morning my head was saying I am sure you could return to the gym and train weights but my body said no way!!!! My chest and throat are still pretty sore, and am still coughing heaps.

I am doing my best at listening to my body, but boy oh boy it is really frustrating. I find it really hard when I can not get in there and have a really good workout.

Went for a power walk at 7 am this morning. I am really fortunate that my nearly 4 year old will still sit in a pram. It allows me to sleep till 6.30 am and then go once my husband has gone to work. I am not sure what I would do if my little TJ was not so compliant. We actually have a great time together - singing songs, playing I spy, and generally looking about - there is so much construction going on here at the moment there is never a shortage of things for him to look at.

Posted my competition entry forms yesterday - so it really is happening now. Sent a selection of different music to Jo Rogers for my routine. I really love the one she has chosen. 

The new trampoline is proving to be very popular. He plays out there on it for hours at a time. I am sure his legs must be feeling it. 

Have a great day 

Maryanne xxx

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