Friday, August 8, 2008

Knee progress..........

The 080808 is a day of good luck for the Chinese and it is a day of good luck for me too.

Had another visit to my physiotherapist today and she has given me the go ahead to start to add weight to my leg training sessions, I can start to do Plyo work cautiously, and there are only very minimal restrictions to my cardio plan. Swelling and pain are my two biggest indicators if i am doing too much when I add this extra work in - but if this week is anything to go by it should be just fine! 

This is great news considering I am coming into the business end of the deal to be ready and be "the best that I can be for the IFBB and INBA state titles" in 9 weeks time.

Am off to the "Style on Stage" web site now to choose the colour of my suit. Have been walking around the house today in my shoes - everything has a whole new perspective at that height including dreaded DUST! But must say the walking at that height is getting easier!

The owner of Life and Soul in both Karratha and Broome, Cindy Kempton,  is coming down to Karratha next week, she has offered to train me according to my program from while she is here - I have taken her up on the offer, so looking forward to it..... we all know the difference it makes when someone is there to assist.

Maryanne x

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