Monday, August 18, 2008

Listening to my body.........

Thank you to the wonderful advice from Lia Halsall  for the first time in a long time I am actually listening to my body....... and it is working wonders.

I got up and did cardio this morning, Treadmill intervals for 50 minutes, and managed fine - coughed a bit but not too bad. As i am listening to my body, I did not want to overdo it and try and go in and do a weight session too, so instead came home after dropping Tucker to occasional care and fell asleep - I could not believe it when I woke that I had slept for 2 hours. Obviously my body needed it. 

On Saturday my new program came through with new meal plan. It has the most delicious snack I wait for that meal to come around every day.

Here it is:

1 TBS almond spread (like peanut butter but made with almonds only)
1 scoop low fat/low Carb protein powder
1 small apple grated

Combine all three items with a small amount of water and either chill or heat...... YUM!

I have a three day split workout this week so plan on doing day one tomorrow - if I don't feel like i can give 100% i will wait a couple more days. In the past I would have stressed if I had not got in to do weights every day (5 days per wk), but am trying really hard to not live with my mind in a highly strung position. This is hard work for me - one to own up to it but 2 to actually acknowledge it and do something about it. 

In my bid to get better as soon as I can I am going to do more body listening and hit the couch with a book - the washing, folding, ironing and house work can just wait today.

Maryanne xxx


Lia Halsall said...

It's simple but very effective advice. I'm only to happy to help my friend, glad you're feeling better. :o) xxx

MISS TANK said...

Giddy UP Maz x